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A three-phase AC Induction Motor is the primary motor type used in industrial and commercial applications. Induction motors consume 30% to 40% of the generated electrical energy worldwide. Because of their widespread use, the energy consumption parameters of induction motors are critical.

Revolution Motor Industries (RMI) was founded in 2010 by a group of individuals committed to improving the performance of AC Induction Motors. Our management has vast experience across a variety of sectors including mining, energy, and electric motor design.

RMI's patented technology allows AC Induction Motors to have improved efficiency and near unity power factor (PF). Improved efficiency and near unity PF are achieved while utilizing materials equivalent to standard EPACT motor and a unique design that minimizes cable losses while preventing the dangers typically associated with utilizing an external capacitor to improve PF.

We are excited about the opportunity to deliver superior motor technology to our clients.

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