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The focus of Revolution Motor Industries is on our “Regulus Series” technology, which is based on U.S. patent 8,093,857, titled Polyphase Electric Motor and issued in January 2012. The Regulus Series design offers efficiency, power factor (PF), material, and risk reduction benefits. FEA computer analysis, independent laboratory, and field tests have been conducted to verify performance improvements. The field test for a 300hp motor utilizing the Regulus Series resulted in 16% current demand reduction. System (cable + motor) efficiency savings were 3.5%.

Earlier attempts by other companies and inventors to improve PF in AC Induction Motors resulted in tradeoffs between PF and motor efficiency and utilized extra materials. RMI’s patented dual winding design improves efficiency across all loads and power ranges, provides near unity power factor, and does not utilize more active materials than the standard motor.

Regulus Series motors have a higher efficiency in comparison with the standard electric motor. Test of the Regulus Series 50hp prototype motor exhibited efficiency about 1% higher than the standard motor throughout standardized IEEE112B load ranges of 25-125%.

Another important energy consumption parameter of the D-design addresses power factor. High PF means electrical power is being utilized efficiently. Today, a common method of improving PF involves installing a capacitor bank at an entrance point of a large plant or at a utility company’s desired location. While this method can be beneficial and can avoid penalties associated with low PF, it does not improve cable losses which can be substantial.

Theoretically, it is possible to install capacitors directly at the motor site and parallel to the motors to reduce the cable losses. However, this method is not utilized since it produces: 1) high initial current charge impulses that can trip up protection devices; 2) potentially catastrophic events in case of capacitor failure; 3) a tendency for the motor to self-generate during shutdown.


Our technology’s unique design offers minimum cable losses while achieving near unity power factor without the drawbacks noted above.


In summary, RMI’s Regulus Series key benefits include:

  • Efficiency close to NEMA premium levels while utilizing materials equivalent to a standard EPACT motor
  • Near unity power factor across all load ranges, with significant reduction in current demand
  • A unique design that minimizes cable losses while preventing the drawbacks associated with utilizing external capacitors parallel to the motor


The technology offers significant technical and commercial benefits for a wide range of participants in the electric power delivery system as well as industrial and commercial end-users.


Please feel free to contact us for more information about our technology including specific test results. Demonstrations of various motor samples from 300hp down to 2hp are available.


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